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6ft Barbell with Ball Bearings (2” Diameter)

£75.00 £70.00

– 6ft (1.83m) bar weighs 15kg with 2” diameter
– Can withstand weights of up to 250kg
– Supports weights with 2” Diameter. (i.e. most standard weights)
– Amazing quality and durability
– Perfect for most forms of weightlifting
– Ball bearings which allow outer part of the bar to rotate


This is the perfect bar for weight lifting and those looking to build power.
This bar can take over 250kg of weight.
The bar alone weighs 15kg, and is 2” on the outside making it the perfect size for olympic discs
and weight plates (Most weight plates have a 2” diameter on the inside).
The ball bearings prevent the momentum of the weights spinning the bar during sets.
Olympic bars are 2″ diameter and require olympic discs and collars.