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Adjustable weight Bench (max. 350kg)


– This weight bench is adjustable on the seat and back
– The bench can take weights of up to 350kg
– An essential feature of any home gym
– The perfect bench for heavier lifters
– Great for a variety of weight related exercise
– Comfortable surface and extremely durable material.


Take your gym to the next level with this Adjustable bench. This bench can take weights of up to
340kg which make it the perfect bench to push your workout even further. It is adjustable at the
seat and back so you can add more variety to your workouts. It is the perfect surface and
material so that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable whilst lifting weights, much like the sort of bench
you’d expect at a normal gym. This bench is extremely durable and features a screw pin lock –
making it very quick and easy to adjust the bench. Once you get this bench, you’ll have no
excuse to skip chest day! Time to beat your personal best 😉