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Basic Massage Gun

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– Great for reducing muscle soreness
– Effective in helping muscles relax
– Get the massage experience from your home.
– Lightweight and easy to use.


Basic Massage GunThis basic massage gun is a great piece of equipment for helping reduce muscle soreness or tightness after workouts. Makes you feel more relaxed. The light weight and easy-to-use features make this a great massage gun for all ages and therefore making it easy to target all muscle groups. Get the massage experience from your home!

This Massage gun features 5 different speed levels and 4 different attachment heads. These allow you to focus on different muscle groups in different ways.  The different attachment heads are great for different levels of massage, for example you may notice a particular muscle is tighter than usual and requires something a bit more powerful to help loosen it up. In this instance, you can use a more suitable head to provide a deeper massage and focus it on that particular muscle.  If you are looking for a softer massage on a larger muscle, you can use a softer head attachment. You could even slow the speed of the massage down therefore allowing a comfortable massage experience.

One great feature of this massage gun is the fact that it is small and light. You can hold the massage gun in an area without your arms getting tired. You can reach areas that are a bit more difficult to reach with bulkier massage guns, such as your back.


The massage gun also comes with a USB cable for charging, making it an easy and convenient product to recharge. The massage gun comes in a neat little box with space for all the parts that come with it.

This massage gun is for all types of people. It aids in muscle recovery by increasing the blood flow to a focused area of the body. This should aid in the healing process of the muscle allowing you too feel better sooner.