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Cast Iron 50Kg Dumbbell Set

£150.00 £120.00

– Comes with Dumbbells size bars and a long barbell bar to allow for more workouts.
– Adjustable weight set up to 50 kilograms, suitable for most levels of strength training
– 152cm Bar with high-quality chrome finish weighing up to nearly 10KG.
– A wheeled carry case makes both storage and transport easy.
– Heavy-duty cast iron material built to last and provides stability for optimal safety


This set features weights that add up to 30kg, two bars and 4 screw-on nuts.
The whole set comes in a sturdy box to make them easier to keep all the parts together and to
make it easier to transport.
This makes the perfect addition to a home gym. Now that you’ve got weights at home, you’ve
got no excuse!
Set includes:
– 4x 5KG Plates.
– 4 x 2.5KG Plates.
– 6 x 1.25KG Plates.
– 6 x 0.5KG Plates.
– 2 x Dumbell Bars.
– 1x Barbell Joint.
– 2x 76cm Chrome Spinlock Barbell Bars.
– 6x Spinlock Collars.
– 1 x Wheeled Carry Case.