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Squat Rack

£100.00 £90.00

– Essential equipment for any home gym
– Can be used for a variety of workouts (i.e. Squats, Bench press..etc.)
– Adjustable Height and width
– Features a safety rack
– For use with weights up to 180kg
– Storage area for other weights.


The squat rack is the perfect way to start your home gym. It is pretty essential for any home gym
as it allows you to perform a range of weight related exercises such as squats, bench press and
many others. The height and width of the squat rack are adjustable, allowing you to change it to
your preferred width or height. The red safety rack is an important feature of this product. We’ve
all gone one rep too far and if you don’t have someone to spot you, this could be dangerous,
that is why we have included this safety rack, so you can drop the bar on this rack if you can’t lift
the bar to the the top.