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Tri-grip Iron Weight plate


– 2.5kg – 25kg
– Rubber Coated to reduce drop impact
– Tri-grip weight plates
– Standard 2” diameter
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(Sold as a single plate)



The standard olympic tri-grip weight plates are standard weight discs that are ideal for most weight
related workouts.
They have a 2” diameter hole so they will fit any standard olympic barbells.
They are durable and coated in a rubber material. This prevents any damage from the weights
dropping and to add additional grip for workouts where you hold the actual disc.

These weights range from 2.5kg all the way through to 25kg allowing you to really push yourself.

These weights can be used on the barbell for exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench press and more, but a great feature of these are grips. The “Tri-grip” meaning 3 grips, allows you to use these weights in a variety of workouts. You can grab the handle of the weight and use them on their own with the use of a bar. This would allow for exercises in which you can hold the weight in your hands such as lunges.


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